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Get the gorgeous, effortless curls you want, every time!
Any style, any hair type!
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Curl Secret® surrounds your hair with up to 400 degrees of steady even heat for healthier styling. Curl Secret® is a like having a professional stylist in your hand!

Getting Started Comb through clean, dry hair so it is smooth and free of tangles. Work with 1/2 in. – 1 in. sections (longer hair requires smaller sections). Wait for red blinking light to remain solid before starting. IMPORTANT: Ensure the opening of curl chamber is always facing towards the head.

Professional styling
in the palm of your hand

  • Get salon-perfect, long-lasting, effortless curls
  • Tourmaline ceramic curl chamber adds shine and smooths frizzies
  • Curl your hair all the way to the ends - every time!

Your Curl Secret® is covered by warranty for five full years!

First, place a 1/2 in. to 1 in. section of hair in the hair guide where you would like your curl to begin.

Close the handles, and the Curl Secret® will automatically draw your hair into the curl chamber to begin the process of giving you salon-quality, long lasting curls!

Hold the handles until you hear 3 rapid beeps signaling that your curl is ready. Open to release your perfect curl. It's that easy!

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Tight ringlets Your Curl Secret® adjusts to the type of curl you want. The unmistakable, striking look of tight ringlets is effortless with Curl Secret® – it will seem like it takes no time!

Big Spirals For a great curly look, set your Curl Secret® to give you easy big spirals that will last all day!

Long tousled waves Curl Secret® puts you in control of your curls. Try long tousled waves to add glamorous texture and volume to your hair. It's easy with Curl Secret®!

Your Curl Secret® adjusts to give you the curls you want, so don't wait, get your Curl Secret® now!

“I never could imagine that I could do something this gorgeous with my hair by myself in such a minimal amount of time. It was truly awesome!”

“I'm really blown away by this! I want to do my whole head. I love curls, but I can't have them often because I don't feel like curling my hair. If you're a person that doesn't really want to do their hair – this is the best thing, it's so convenient!”

“Oh my gosh – seriously?! I didn't do anything! It's beautiful”

Hair goes in... curls come out
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